Polymersco Chemical Used For Construction

Construction application of Polymersco Chemical

POLYMERSCO tailor-made products are intended for use in the construction industry as concrete additives, cement additives, grouts, adhesives, coatings, and concrete additives for waterproofing. Polyacrylamide, superabsorbent, and sodium polyacrylate are all part of our supply package.

Currently, many different additives are used in modern manufacturing processes and concrete production to improve their properties. POLYMERSCO polyacrylamide and superabsorbent perform well as concrete admixtures, cement additives, curing concrete additives, cold weather concrete additives, and waterproofing concrete additives.

Concrete additives for curing

Setting time, heat of hydration, compressive and tensile strength of the concrete all improve with the addition of POLYMERSCO special concrete additives, especially for hardness, fracture toughness, and flexural strength characters.

Concrete additives for cold weather

Concrete can easily freeze in cold weather before it gains enough strength and sets more slowly, so special additives are required when placing concrete in cold weather conditions.

POLYMERSCO polymers could be used as concrete admixtures in this special condition to improve the concrete's resistance to code weather.

Concrete additives for waterproofing

Traditional concrete readily absorbs water and other substances that are dissolved in it. The addition of POLYMERSCO special polyacrylamide polymers improves the waterproof properties of the concrete, and our products are safe and environmentally friendly to handle.

Cement additives

Drying, cracking, and deformation are common as a result of low water gel.

POLYMERSCO superabsorbent polymers are specially designed to control concrete shrinkage and improve concrete moisture content when used as cement additives.

When POLYMERSCO superabsorbent is added, it can absorb dozens of its own weight of water and slowly release it, which can prevent concrete cracking and increase concrete strength.

This application has the potential to significantly improve the impermeability and properties of concrete in cold weather.

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