Polymersco Chemical Used For Mining

Mining application of Polymersco Chemical

POLYMERSCO provides customers with a variety of products including alumina, copper, nickel, gold, iron ore, coal, phosphate, white pigments, and aggregates. We understand the importance of increased mineral recovery, water recycling, and increased energy efficiency. Our full range of polymer products includes non-ionic, anionic, and cationic charged products with varying molecular weights to meet the diverse needs of the mining industry.

Coal Washing

With the expansion of infrastructure around the world, the coal industry began to expand, resulting in many operational challenges such as fines handling and effluent management.

Coal washing is required to separate harmful metals from raw coal. Our flocculants and coagulants portfolio will increase the efficiency of your operations in order to obtain clean coal.

Tailing Treatment

During the mining process, a certain amount of mine dumps are produced as waste that must be handled. The most common method of tailing treatment is to thicken the material prior to disposal and reuse the water.

POLYMERSCO flocculants could be added to this thickening process to increase the fine solids setting rate and reduce the size of the thickeners required. The proper application of flocculants may have an impact on overall operational efficiency. The POLYMERSCO team can assist you in selecting the best products.

Solid Liquid Separation by Filtration and Centrifugation

POLYMERSCO has developed a full range of products for solid liquid separation in mining processes in order to improve the performance of mineral processing and mine wastewater treatment systems.

POLYMERSCO coagulants have the potential to improve the efficiency of flocculants used for solids removal in wastewater clarification by neutralizing surface charges.

POLYMERSCO flocculants can help with sedimentation in water clarification when combined with a coagulant for charge neutralization.

Other Mineral Processing for Gold, Silver, Iron, Nickel, Cooper

POLYMERSCO's team can create customized solutions for more separating mixtures to be used in foam control, flotation concentrate thickening, tailing flocculation, and other applications.

Tailing Treatment
mining applied chemical

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