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Polymersco Chemical Used For Paper Making Industry

Pape Making application of Polymersco Chemical

POLYMERSCO offers a comprehensive line of water-soluble polymers that are specifically designed to address all of the issues that arise during the wet end stages of the paper-making process.

POLYMERSCO’s goal is to assist our customers in reducing costs and increasing machine efficiency, as well as improving the appearance and performance of printed paper and board.

POLYMERSCO is committed to providing environmentally and economically friendly products by increasing flow-ability and water savings while lowering overall costs.

Paper Retention Aid

By optimizing retention, fillers, fines, fibers, and minerals could be selectively retained in the sheet. This method will improve paper quality while also increasing productivity. Dewatering and the retention of other papermaking chemicals will also benefit from well-controlled retention.

POLYMERSCO paper retention aid is intended to improve water holding capacity, drainage, and machine operation.

Our retention aid could be used as a standalone system or in conjunction with mineral or organic coagulants.
Characteristics of POLYMERSCO paper retention aid:
High capacity for retention
Excellent filtration speed
Reduce steam consumption and wet part breakdowns.

Sludge Dewatering

Sludge treatment is an important part of water treatment in the paper industry, and it can be done on filter, screw, and belt presses, as well as centrifuges.

The goal of dewatering is to achieve maximum water release while maintaining acceptable solids throughput rates.

Technically, each unit has an optimum condition in which the desired solid throughput and cake moisture are met. The quality of the water discharged from the unit must also be considered.

POLYMERSCO coagulants are an effective sedimentation and centrifugation reagent in the treatment of partially digested, activated, or chemically treated waste sludge from paper.

Dispersant Agent

POLYMERSCO dispersant agent could aid in the easy and stable dispersion of solid materials in liquids. Our products could deflocculate solids, lowering the viscosity of the dispersion and increasing the solid loading accordingly.

POLYMERSCO dispersant agent has been widely used in the papermaking of tissues, household papers, writing papers, and napkins due to its shorter dissolving time.

Characteristics of POLYMERSCO dispersant agents:
Quick dissolving time
Disperses pulp fiber evenly and has good forming effects.
Increase the dry-wet degree and tension.

paper making
Dispersant Agent
paper making application

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