Super Absorbent Polymer Application

The Use Of Polymersco Super Aabsorbent Polymer

Super Absorbent Polymer application of Polymersco Chemical

Polymersco super absorbent polymers are primarily used as a water and aqueous solution absorbent in diapers, adult incontinence products, feminine hygiene products, and other similar applications. Superabsorbent materials will undoubtedly replace traditional absorbent materials such as cloth, cotton, paper wadding, and cellulose fiber in these applications.

For industry use, Super absorbent polymer also can be used for water-blocking tape of cable.
For agricultural use, super absorbent polymers are widely sued for water retaining.

Agricutural Grade Super Absorbent Polymer

Superabsorbents specifically designed for agricultural and soil water conservation.

POLYMERSCO® (Agricultural Super Absorbent Polymer) is a potassium-neutralized acrylic-acrylamide co-polymer that withstands multiple wet/dry cycles.

When rain or water irrigation falls on the soil, the product delivers moisture to plant root hairs and replenishes itself as a water reservoir.

POLYMERSCO Agriculture grade high absorbent polymer functions as a "Mini-reservoir," absorbing water when it rains and releasing it when it dries.

Hygiene Grade Super Absorbent Polymer

Sodium polyacrylate, also known as waterlock, is a sodium salt of polyacrylic acid. It has the ability to absorb up to 200 to 300 times its own weight in water.

For hygiene products, super absorbent polymers are widely used as diaper, lady sanitary napkin, etc.

Industrial Grade Super Absorbent Polymer

Industrial grade SAP is widely used for cable, making fake know, sewage treatment, oil drilling, etc.


Permeability concrete. -It with fibrous shapes has the potential to be used to make high. Can be used as an internal sealant in cement-based materials. POLYMERSCO in a unique application Polymer in concrete could be used as a controlled release agent.

Other applications

Cooling Material, Air Freshener Additive, Expanding Rubber, Cosmetic Additives, Special Functional Coatings

super absorbent polymer

More Applications


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