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Polymersco Chemical Used For Sugar Making

Sugar Making application of Polymersco Chemical

Sugar beets and sugarcane can be processed into sugar in a variety of ways. Clarification of cane juice by milling or diffusion, clarification of sugarcane juice, concentration of juice by evaporation, crystallization of sugar, and drying of sugar crystals are all part of the process. While cane sugar does not require refining, sugar from beets is always subjected to the sugar refining process to obtain white refined sugar for use in households and as an ingredient in soft drinks and foods.


Sugar Industry Chemical Use

Our POLYMERSCO polymers could be used in the sugarcane clarification process.

After the cane juice has been extracted, the mixed juice from the extraction mills must be purified by adding heat, lime, and flocculants.

The lime will be used as a calcium hydroxide suspension in a sucrose solution to form a calcium saccharate compound.

Heat and lime will remove the enzymes in the juice, and the PH will be raised from a naturally acidic level of 5 - 6.5 to a neutral level.

When heated above 100°C, the neutralized juice is treated with other types of flocculants and pumped to a clarification vessel where the mud settles and the clarified liquor overflows to be used in the evaporation stage for further juice clarification processing.

The POLYMERSCO team will assist our customers in selecting the appropriate flocculants for the sugar refining process.

sugar making application
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