Polymersco Chemical Used For Textile

Textile application of Polymersco Chemical

Textiles come into contact with us in a variety of ways in our daily lives, including the clothes we wear, the bed linen we sleep on, the towels we use to dry ourselves, and the furniture we sit on. Polymersco chemicals are widely used in textiles to improve them for a variety of reasons.

Polyacrylamide used in textile

Polyacrylamide is mainly used as sizing agent in textile industry, because polypropylene has good viscosity, can improve adhesion, permeability and desizing characteristics, can make fabric anti-static, reduce sizing rate, it can reduce the rate of end breakage and falling off of the cutter.

The stable property of the Polyacrylamide, with thickening, adhesion, lubrication characteristics, less size, fabric broken rate low, smooth cloth surface, can improve the quality of textile products.

In addition to being used as textile auxiliaries, the textile industry also produces a large amount of waste water, which contains many organic and inorganic pollutants and is harmful to the human body and the environment, polyacrylamide not only can be used as textile auxiliaries, but also can be used effectively to treat waste water.

Depending on the water quality, waste water treatment can be used in conjunction with Aluminium chlorohydrate.

Aluminum sulfate used in textile

Aluminium sulfate is used as a medium in textile printing and dyeing.

Guar Gum Powder used in textile

Guar gum is a natural alternating polymer, its unique molecular characteristics are very suitable for textile sizing.

Polydadmac used in textile

Polydadmac can be used as an excellent non-formaldehyde fixing agent in textile dyeing and finishing auxiliaries to form films on fabrics and improve dyeing fastness.


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