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Polymersco Chemical Used For Water Treatment

Water Treatment application of Polymersco Chemical

Water resources are essential for humans and important in many aspects of life and the economy. Water demand is increasing as a result of urbanization, population growth, industrialization, and irrigation development. The desired improvement in water quality necessitates the use of increasingly effective products.

POLYMERSCO’s flocculants and coagulants meet all global market demands and are suitable for all types of water treatment.

What is Water Treatment Chemicals

Water treatment chemicals definition can be provided in two lines, but this is insufficient and would be arbitrary if done. Let us begin with a brief overview of what has led to our reliance on water treatment chemicals. Currently, the demand for safe and fresh water is steadily increasing in order to meet human needs and support industrial activities. With increased urbanization and economic development, the current water supply is unlikely to meet the ever-increasing demands. As a result, the chemical industry employs novel methods of water treatment to make water suitable for end-use applications such as drinking, cooking, irrigation, and industrial purposes, to name a few. Water treatment methods employ four basic processes: boiler water treatment, cooling water treatment, water purification, and wastewater effluent treatment. During the water treatment process, suspended solids, viruses, fungi, bacteria, algae, and minerals are removed. Physical and chemical methods are used in the process. Water treatment chemicals are the chemicals used in this process.

Municipal Wastewater Treatment

In recent years, there has been an increase in the demand for municipal wastewater treatment.

POLYMERSCO understands our customers' needs, and our team is always striving to create more efficient and environmentally friendly products.

POLYMERSCO could supply the flocculants and coagulants used in municipal wastewater treatment and provide efficient, cost-effective solutions to meet the specific and stringent wastewater treatment requirements of the customer.

Water Treatment Diagram

water treatment diagram

Water Treatment Process


Industrial Wastewater Treatment

The primary goal of industrial wastewater treatment is to allow industrial wastewater to be disposed of without endangering human health or causing unacceptable environmental damage.

POLYMERSCO flocculants (nonionic flocculants and anionic flocculants) could be used in conjunction with inorganic coagulants in industrial wastewater treatment, including paper, textile, and food industries, as well as produced water from the oil industry.

Sludge Thickening and Sludge Dewatering

POLYMERSCO polymers are effective sedimentation and centrifugation flocculants in sludge thickening and dewatering treatments.

They could be used in partially or fully digested waste sludge, as well as activated or chemically treated waste sludge from the paper, chemical, textile, municipal wastewater, and oil industries. It is appropriate for centrifugal, screw, belt, and frame machines.

sludge treatment

sludge treatment

Sewage Treatment Process

sewage treatment

Sewage Treatment

The process of removing contaminants from wastewater from homes or factories is known as sewage treatment.

POLYMERSCO's flocculants and coagulants could be used in the chemical process of sewage treatment to remove contaminants and produce environmentally safe treated wastewater.

After conditioning with an inorganic coagulant, POLYMERSCO flocculants are also effective as a settlement aid in the treatment of primary sewage.

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