anionic polyacrylamide

Product Name: anionic polyacrylamide

Chemical Formula: C3H5NO

Cas No.:9003-5-8

Appearance: white particles

Solid Content ≥89 %

Molecular Weight: 5-20 million



Negatively charged copolymers of acrylamide are widely used as retention aids and dry-strength resins.

However, different molecular mass ranges are used for these two roles.

Anionic acrylamide copolymer retention aids typically have molecular masses in the range of 5 to 20 million grams per mole. The strength agents typically have molecular masses in the hundreds of thousands.

Another difference is in the form delivered to the mill. Though anionic retention aids can be delivered as solid beads or in solution, it is more popular to get them as water-in-oil emulsions.

Before such emulsion products can be used they have to be “inverted” with a dilution of about 100-to-1 with a lot of agitation.

Further time (at least half an hour) is needed for the individual molecules to uncoil themselves and achieve their full potential as retention aids.

The monomers used in their preparation are acrylamide and acrylic acid.

The acrylic acid is usually present in its corresponding sodium salt form in the final formulation of retention aid or strength aid. The strength agents are usually shipped as solutions having solids levels in the range of 10 to 50%. A wide range of charge densities is available in each case.


Drag reduction of the water system is a kind of advanced slippery water system, with good properties of good water solubility, easy to prepare, salt antibacterial, non crosslinked sand carrying, the maneuverability, can realize a quick solution, flow back fluid Recyclable reuse, meet the tight gas reservoir reconstruction needs. At the same time, it can reduce construction friction, the overall viscosity of construction liquid is low, less damage to the formation.

Package and loading:

25KG Bag; 15KG Bag; 900KG Pallet.

18tons/20GP Container (With Pallet)

20tons/20GP Container(Without Pallet)


Fracturing and acidizing modification are some of the important measures to improving oil and gas production, stimulation in oil and water well. improving the productivity of oil wells and oil recovery

For the low pressure and low permeability oil and gas reservoirs, the blockage to the pore because of residue after gel broken of The fracturing fluid; the damage of The filter cake of fracturing fluid to conductivity support layer and the blockage of Water-insoluble residue to the reservoir pores an important factor to affect the fracturing effect.

In view of the status of high construction friction of the current fracturing fluid system, the higher viscosity of the liquid, combining the thinking of Mixed water volume fracturing, Developed the resistance reducing water system of reservoir reconstruction for the low pressure and low permeability gas reservoir. The Drag reduction agent has the advantage of fewer water additives, Recyclable use, reducing construction costs. when the state of stress and the rock structure can meet the condition forming the complex fracture geometry, Low viscosity liquid and higher construction capacity is conducive to the formation of complex fracture morphology, increase production of oil and gas

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