Industrial grade Super Absorbent Polymer

Super Absorbent Polymer For Industry Products
Used for:Cable, Ice Pack, Meat and seafood, Fake Snow, Sewage Treatment, Inflatable Sandbag, Oil Drilling Fluid, Etc.


What Is POLYMERSCO Super Absorbent Polymer?

  • A polymer material with high water absorption and storage capacity (hundred times of its own weight).
  • The primary applications of SAP are to absorb, retain, or block liquid.
  • It is classified into three major categories: hygiene grade, agriculture grade, and industrial grade.

Industrial Grade Applications


Used in waterproof tape and ointment for use with optical fiber cables. When meeting water, the absorbency and reaction are quick, and the overall inflation rate and extent are good.

Ice Pack

With increased cold storage capacity, large ice capacity, and extended cold preservation time. Because of the large phase change latent heat of POLYMERSCO GEL ICE polymer cold storage gel, which can reach more than 300J/g, the cold storage capacity of POLYMERSCO GEL ICE is more than 6 times that of the same volume of water ice pack.

Water absorbent pad
Meat and seafood water absorbent pad

Absorbent Pads by POLYMERSCO (Size and color can be customized) POLYMERSCO absorbent material is our advanced absorbent material. It introduces a new, specially developed absorbent layer that allows consumers to simulate a dry process in vacuum packaging – with astounding results. Use It is used to absorb excess water from a variety of foods, including chicken, fish, fruit, vegetables, and pork and beef meet.
1. Absorbent the sloppy liquid from the meat and seafood
2. Absorbing offensive odors and smelling well
3. Simple to Use

Making Fake Snow/Instant Snow

Snow powder is also known as fake snow, magic snow, artificial snow, expanding snow, and fluffy snow. INSTRUCTIONS: Take a certain amount of snow powder and mix it with water in a 1:20 ratio.
Then, after about 20 seconds, release the button. Be amazed as the powder transforms into real-looking snow in an instant! Environmentally Friendly & Non-Toxic

Sewage Treatment
Treatment of Sewage

POLYMERSCO®polymer is distinguished by its ability to absorb water or organic fluids, reject oil, and resist bio-degradation while retaining liquid under pressure. As a result, it is an excellent stabilizing medium for waste disposal in landfills. POLYMERSCO®polymer is a cost-effective alternative to other bulk solidifiers for the following applications: sewage treatment, dredging, unused paint, sludge solidification, medical waste, environmental remediation of contaminated sites, and animal excrement animal litter.

Inflatable Sandbag

When a SAP inflatable Sandbag comes into contact with water, it absorbs it completely in 3 to 5 minutes and quickly inflates. Before absorbing water, the bag is small and light.
1. It is very easy to store and transport.
2. It is ready to use with no need for sanding or tools.
3. Reuse and last for months.
4. Safe, non-toxic, and non-harmful
5. Eco-friendly and decomposes over time

Oil Drilling Fluid

POLYMERSCO Super Drilling Mud Additive, a new environmentally friendly product with good water-absorbable and swellable properties, can effectively counteract lost circulation.


Permeability concrete. -It with fibrous shapes has the potential to be used to make high.
Can be used as an internal sealant in cement-based materials.
POLYMERSCO in a unique application
Polymer in concrete could be used as a controlled release agent.

Other applications
Cooling Material, Air Freshener Additive, Expanding Rubber, Cosmetic Additives, Special Functional Coatings

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