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Product Name: Oilfield chemicals

Fracturing Agent

Drag Reduction Agent

Oil Drilling Mud Additives

EOR(Enhanced Oil Recovery)


POLYMERSCO oilfield chemicals products range:

Polymersco Oilfield chemicals Applications:

    Polymersco developed a full range of water-based polymers used in drilling mud systems. Our polymers could match your requirements for drilling fluid in fluid loss control, viscosity, and scale inhibitions. Polymersco oilfield chemicals are in a variety of forms, molecular weights, and specific compositions for your need. POLYMERSCO series products include:
    Shale Stabilizer (Clay Stabilizer)
    Fluid Loss Control Additives
    Scale Inhibitors
    By using POLYMERCO products, the drilling bit is easily cleaned and the friction between drilling string and drilling hole is reduced.
    POLYMERCO series of friction reducer is more economical with a lower per unit volume cost. Our product also has excellent friction reduction performance at a typical dosage of 1 GPT. In addition, it possesses the following characteristics:
    Non-toxic, no harmful substances
    Almost no damage to reservoir permeability;
    Applicable in a variety of waters including flow back water and seawater;
    Rapid dissolution, applicable for continuous injection;
    Excellent friction reduction with an enhancement for clay stabilization and water flow back.
    POLYMERCO series of ENHANCED OIL RECOVERY (EOR) products could be applied in increasing the amount of crude oil extracted from the oilfield. Compared with water flooding, long-chain polyacrylamide molecules mixed with injected water could increase the water viscosity, to improve the mobility ratio and displacement efficiency. Surfactants could be used in conjunction with our polymers to decrease the surface tension between water and oil. Caustic is also an option to injection water to decrease the surface tension and reverse the rock wettability.
    POLYMERCO products could be used in the hydraulic fracturing process to stimulate natural gas, oil to maximize extraction. Shale rock makes an increases permeability by opening and keeping the existed and new fractures in the formation. Guar gum was one of the early polymers used to increase the viscosity of water. Its application was reduced because of its price variations significantly. POLYMERCO is supplying a new range of synthetic polyacrylamide that can be used as a Guar alternative.

The advantage of POLYMERCO Chemicals:

  • More environmental than guar system.
  • Easy flow back.
  • Better viscosity performance, both in linear and cross-linked systems.
  • Can be used in high temperatures and a wide range of salinities and PH.


POLYMERCO offers a range of products to be used in primary extraction of Oil Sands operation which is mainly used as flotation improvement and tailing treatment. In tailing treatment, POLYMERCO polymers are designed for specific tailing feeds which give better dewatering and consolidation. The quality of recovered water and settling and compaction of flocculated solids could be improved.

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