Product Name: polydadmac (other name: Poly diallyl dimethyl ammonium chloride)
Chemical Formula: C8H16N
Cas no:26062-79-3
pH value(1% water solution):3.0-8.0
Dynamic viscosity(mpa.s,20℃):500-300000
Solid Content %≥: 20-50%
Appearance: liquid
Type:Chemical Auxiliary Agent



Polydadamc(Technically named polydiallyldimethyl ammonium chloride) is a cationic polymer and it can be completely dissolved in water.
The polymer body contains strong cationic group radical and activated-absorbent group radical which can destabilize and flocculate the suspended solids and the negative-charged water-soluble matters in the wastewater through electro-neutralization and bridging absorption. It is very effective in flocculating, decoloring, killing algae, and removing organics.
The product enjoys a small dosage but can cause big flocs, rapid precipitation, and low turbidity residue, and it can also produce a small amount of sludge. It is adaptable to a wide range of pH values, between 4.0 and 10.0
It is smell-less, tasteless, and harmless. It can be widely used to treat source water and sewage water.


Corrosion towards most standard materials of construction is very low. Stainless steel, fiberglass, polyethylene, polypropylene, and epoxy coated surfaces are recommended. In some cases, aluminum surfaces can be adversely affected. Spilled product is slippery underfoot, very slippery when wet. Shipping and handling of this product can be found in the relevant MSDS of polyDADMAC suppliers. Disposal of products must comply with all national, state, and local laws.

Unique decolorization ability, mainly used in dye factory high chroma wastewater decolorization treatment, suitable dye varieties for active, acid and disperse dye wastewater treatment; Also can be used for textile, printing and dyeing, printing ink and other industrial wastewater treatment, this product can also be used as papermaking reinforcing agent, sizing agent

Packaging Details
1. packed in 1.1ton/IBC tank
2. One container can load 19~20 tons

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