polymeric ferric sulfate

Product Name: polymeric ferric sulfate(PFS)

Chemical Formula: [Fe2(OH)n(SO4)3-n/2]m

CAS No. : 35139-28-7

Appearance: Yellow powder/particles

Molecular Weight: 5-11 million



About Polymeric ferric sulfate

Polymeric ferric sulfate (PFS) or poly iron, symbols and called hydroxyl ferric sulfate, is a new type of inorganic polymer flocculant, the hydrolysis can produce a variety of high-priced and multi-core ion, to electrical and water suspension colloid particles, prompting ion together each other, at the same time produce adsorption wires, crosslinking, etc., can be used for domestic water and industrial water purification, can also be used for all kinds of industrial wastewater and urban sewage, for purification, polymeric ferric sulfate has the superior water purification performance at the same time, The advantages of low production cost, less dosage, large alum flowers, dense floc, fast settling, a wide range of applicable pH value, the high removal rate of impurities.


Inner plastic film and outer plastic woven bag.25kg/bag ,500kg/bag, 1000kg/bag.


  1. purifying and clarifying Sewage, Industry, and textile wastewater.
  2. Wastewater phosphorus treatment.
  3. Sludge thickening
  4. Heavy metals removal
  5. Struvite control and Ordor control
  6. Used as inhibitor and oxygen in mine, solvent extraction.
  7. Industry wastewater treatment (such as the papermaking wastewater, the printing wastewater, the massacre wastewater, the automobile manufacturing wastewater, the beer factory wastewater, and so on).
  8. Many kinds of industrial circulating water treatment (ex, the make-up water of the high-pressure boiler in the heat and power plant, the industrial wastewater in biochemical treating factory, the waste emulsifying solution, the opalescent solution, and the oil wastewater.

PFS Advantages

1. the effect of PFS is obviously better than aluminum sulfate When the dosage is above 200*10-5.
2. In purifying, precipitating, dehydrating, deodorizing, and other aspects, PFS works better.
3. Wide PH range (4~11) and wide water temperature range have no effect on PFS. Little causticity to the equipment.
4. Larger alum, and faster formation.
5. It will have less iron ion after purifying with PFS. and PFS is innoxious.
6. For COD, BOD, color, and heavy metals in all kinds of wastewater, PFS has a better removal effect.
7. The flocculi (flocculating) body has a strong ability to combine with microorganisms, so it has a good removal effect on plankton and other microorganisms.
8. Reducing the content of nitrate nitrogen and iron in the water.


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